Fast and cheap Minecraft hosting

Our hosting plans start from € 3,50 per month and can be expanded quickly and easily later!
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Powerful Panel

We use a very user-friendly comprehensive control panel from Multicraft.
So you can quickly and easily operate your Minecraft server and easily adjust server files.
Like, installing current plugins via your panel without the intervention of an FTP program.
Which Gamer does not want to have a backup of his or her server with 1 click you can make a backup of your server in this powerful panel.

Our servers offer many options

Use the most common mods such as CraftBukkit, Spigot or of course just Vanilla.

Choose which maps you would like to play.
Like SkyBlock, Parkour School, Future City, Survival Maps, MiniGame, and many more these maps are just a few of the many maps that are available for fun gaming with your friends.

Ability to choose from an extensive range of plugins that you can manage from your control panel.
Because we work with an extensive panel, you can easily install and uninstall plugins from your server with a few mouse clicks.